Saturday, 8 November 2008

Still looking

Still looking to see if you've sent me an email Mummy. I 'm lovin this email malarky, such fun, I can hardly drag myself away. You see I don't even have to kill the mouse! You know I don't like getting my paws dirty.
It's amazing the weirdos I've uncovered since searching the www. Yep I'm quite getting the hang of it, in fact I've even done a bit of speed dating ( no luck with Lewsey so might as well try elsewhere). What a scream some of those pics are, they seem to like winking at me! I've just been winking back!!
Not many fireworks over here but it's such a beastly night there might be more tomorrow. Take care with your fireworks Mummy.

1 comment:

Helen said...

Hello Misha! you are such a bad dobby cat - on fri I found the mouse you brought in the week before, finally! no wonder you're glad you don't have to kill the pooter mouse!
and my email is; glad to hear you're ding so well and not too nesh with all the fireworks! I had fun watching them in Oxford on sat night- you could probably hear all of them with your big ears! Looking forward to havng you back when you're able to behave better, take it easy mishi, lol Hxx