Friday, 31 October 2008

pics for Mum

Some pics for Mum
Hi Mum
Guess what I had for tea today ......REAL FISH. Phyl my foster mum was cooking fish pie so when the fish was cooked I got to get some. MMMMnnnnn yummy scrummy mummy! Purr purr!
When i get back to the marina me thinks I'll catch some fish so you can cook them for me.
They keep on about catching moles in the garden for thinks they'll have to starve me first.
Enjoying the holiday, send me a postcard sometime mummy
The love of your life
Misha xxxx

Thought you’d like to hear from me so here goes.
Now don’t worry about me , this foster home is o.k. really. I’m teaching this couple that cats rule. It’s gonna take sometime to teach them how to come to my beck & call but shouldn’t be a prob. Last night I got lots of cuddles, & today I’ve had a 5* breakfast.
I’ve gotta be good otherwise they won’t let me out. Just wait I’ll teach the cats in this neighbourhood a thing or two. Maybe find myself a girlfriend!!