Saturday, 20 December 2008

A Familiar Name

I'm dyindg for a pint so decide to find somewhere to wet my whistle. I don't have too much time left as I have promised to meet up with friends in Oxford. Luckily one of my skills is marathon running so it dosen't take me long to cover a few miles. I'm heading towards Faringdon Rd where I hear there's a brilliant pie & mash shop. I dash down The Strand towards Clerkenwell.

Everyone seems to be in such a hurry and no-one says 'Hello' or 'How are you' like they would in Abingdon. Suddenly by chance I come across a name that's very familar. Yipee! It's the Green Man.
This however wasn't a floating long boat!!! It's a pub, and I'm sure with a name that surpasses all others I'm bound to receive a friendly welcome. I don't suppose Rob will be propping up the bar or playing a 'gig? No one here recognises me but the bartender gives me a smile and a few friendly words. I down a pint of Directors before dashing off again & before long find the pie &
mash shop in Faringdon Rd.
I can't help but notice the floor which is covered in sawdust. If anyone knows I'd like to know the reason for this.
I sit for a while at the marble topped table enjoying jellied eels which I gather is an East London dish. Can't Adam & Eve it that I can get such a feast for under three quid. Perhaps I should quit Uni & start one up in Oxford???