Sunday, 23 November 2008

By Royal Appointment

Wow!I woke up this morning to find it has snowed. Not a lot of it thank goodness as I didn't like the feel of it on my paws. Never the less it did make everything look so pretty.
I've been spending time on my studies so haven't been in touch for a while, (excuses, excuses).
Don't be angry with me Mummy, when did you last write ????
I had a great time in London with my group. We went by tube to Old St, what a death defying experience that was, thought I'd been shot up the butt. There were so many people squeezed together I didn't have a chance to scratch! I wasn't at all keen on the way people were pressing against me. Think I'd rather chance some other form of getting around, heard people talk about Shanks pony but haven't seen it! Wonder where it's stabled?
After spending hours looking at endless finds in LAARC I decided to do a bit of sight seeing on my own. What better place to explore than Buckingham Palace? Unfortunately the guard at the gate wouldn't let me in, said something about 'appointment'. Didn't fancy the place anyway it looked cold & austere. Looked like there could be an army of mice in there but decided they could keep em I'd better things to do. Did I tell you Rentokil lost the royal warrant in 2008?

Next door to the palace is the Royal Mews, (the old royal stables) so I decided to take a peep,without paying. People were actually being searched, shoes off, pockets emptied and if a strange object was spotted on the xray machine it had to be explained. Umm could be embarrassing.
Approx. 30 Windsor Greys & Cleeveland Bays were in their stalls munching at hay, their butts facing the public. Nothing like a rear end view, quite expected to see a sign saying Prince Phillip's horse craps here!
I got to see 5 state coaches,one of which is the gold state coach, all are horse drawn and are used for royal occassions.
I'm feeling quite peckish so I'm off to find somewhere to eat.Maybe if I play my cards right I could be a royal rat catcher & in so doing display 'By Royal Appointment' !!

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Caroline said...

Hi Misha,
My Name is Roland and I am rat living in the cellars of Buskingham Palace. My life here is extremely comfortable and that is because Rentokil do NOT come around here! Rentokil Pest Control have not, in fact, held the royal warrant for many years which makes us 'Royal Rats' VERY happy because, believe me, rats and mice choose to move house as soon as they even suspect Rentokil might be arriving!!