Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Pampering Begins!

I think I' m getting the hang of things,I only have to miaaaaaaaawwooooooo & they come running. Sure getting plenty of know we boys need a lot!
This morning Arthur came down to find I'd dislodged the bottom of the cooker panel, he still hasn't worked out how I did it.
They turfed me out into the back garden today. I only stayed 2 mins. I was so frightened I asked to come in, but you know we boys are brave really??? Anyhow they left the patio door open for me so it was easy for me to sneak in. They lifted me up onto the windowsill so I could look out, bit frightening Mummy there was such a lot going on, cars moving startled me. Later in the afternoon I was put in the garden again. I hid under some bushes & the noise of an engine really frightened me. Mummy where were you when I needed you?
I dashed into the house, curled up & went to sleep for the rest of the day before having a late lunch.
It's now & I've asked to go out.
Well would you believe it I'm inside again and it's only 7.05!
Me thinks I'll explore more tomorrow.

Night night Mummy
your brave boy
Misha xxx

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