Friday, 7 November 2008

Looking for your email Mummy

Hello Mummy
Misha here. I've been looking you up on my emails but don't see anything from you. As you can see I'm just about to hit the return key...........maybe it will send me back to you.
I don't know much about pooters! I'm so busy on the internet looking up my furry friends, I'm hoping I might get an email from Lewsey. As you know I secretly luv her. Do you think she feels the same about me?????????? I wish she would email so I could tell her how I feel about her, you never told me about falling in love Mummy, perhaps you should have?
I've been out & about,in fact I'm more out than in. You'd never believe the amount of fresh air I'm getting. I'm really getting the hang of jumping over the back gate. When I first did it I couldn't get back in again as you know, but I'm no dumb cat, I'm too intelligent to stay on the wrong side of the fence.
I heard Phyl say to Arthur they are going to keep me in tonight as there's a really bad weather forcast. I'm exhausted with exploring outside so I'll just curl up & go to sleep.
Night night Mummy, keep the fire burning so you don't get cold. It won't be too long before I'll be back to keep you warm.
Your caring
Misha xxx

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