Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dirty digging

Misha here mummy,

Did I tell you I'm doing an undergraduate course in archaeology & anthropolgy. Well I got myself to Oxford didn't I, with a bit of help from you.........& Gary.
Oxford is in the forefront of teaching & research so I've come to the right place. Clever boy!

I shall be doing 5 hours a week in lectures, tutorials etc. Maybe I'll be the teacher's pet? Do you know I'm such an intelligent cat....well I do have a brain the size of 2 peas. I shall learn by trial error & observation. I really look forward to going on a dig ( you know I'm a dirty boy at heart). I'll get the chance to do some excavation work & be part of a field survey team. See photo, I'm just syking myself up to get some practice in.
There are world class institutions here, which will help me with my studies. There are also well equipped labs- maybe I'll get to dissect a mouse or two! Lewsey showed me lots of times but it was all a bit yucky for me. That's why I brought you that mouse whole as I didn't think you'd like it so much with it's head off. I'm so thoughtful Mummy.
Well I'm off on the prowl now,
Your intelligent Misha

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