Friday, 14 November 2008

My Oxford Studies

Hello Mummy
It's not all fun & games here you know. As you can see I'm taking my life at Uni very seriously.
Most nights I've got my head in a book. Misha thinks times have changed since you were at Uni.
No one cares if I'm out all night. In fact my mates here stay out most nights, go on pub crawls. Any idea what this is Mummy, don't think you can know about it as you've never mentioned it to me??? Some of my friends come back all dishevelled & unkempt,makes me wonder where they've been....i daren't ask. You always tell me not to be so nosy, so best go with them some night & find out for myself. Will update you when I've tried it! Should I take my mobile with me incase of emergency.....what would you do I wonder.......I've got so much to learn.
All this study for a degree is so demanding so don't expect to hear from me too often. Of course I'll be in touch when the money runs out.
The meals are pretty good but I do miss the fish & chips. May have to wander down to the Isis to see what I can catch!
Will have to sign off now, so much studying to do
love Misha

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