Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Hello Mummy
What a day. Phyl was at hospital again this morning so I decided to go out into the garden & explore. There was a huge black& white bird hopping around the garden so I decided to lay low& just keep watch.....I'm pretty good at this as you know.
It's quite overgrown in places so I can hide undetected. Exploring is so exhausting don't you know. Can be quite scary too with lots of noises over the other side of the fence. They have windmills in their garden which whirl around in the wind. I play with them, well I guess that's what they're there for. Such a lovely couple Phyl & Arthur, think of my every whim!
After playing with the windmills I sat on the patio till Phyl & Arthur returned. I was quite wet with hiding in the bushes & I looked rather deshevelled with leaves stuck in my fur. Phyl soon tidyed me up. I'm such a handsome lad when I look my best.
I tucked into some food & then slept awhile.
I was awoken with a mouse being dangled in front of me. Weird thing, moves across the floor rather jerkily before coming to a halt. It's not had much excercise as it's rather round & fat & has string coming out of it's bottom with a ring attached. Must be something they picked up from the vet.
I've decided it's time I got out a bit & explored the area. So after dinner tonight I've ventured out into the big wide world. Probably have a night out on the tiles. Do you know what I mean Mummy?
I'll let you know tomorrow how I fare.
From your adventurous boy
Misha xxx

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Whyte Swallow said...

Oh Misha, you are funny!!!