Saturday, 1 November 2008

Hi Mummy
Look Mummy shoe lace. I'm sat at the table waiting for the wine waiter to take my order. For starters I've got biscuits laced with duck.
Fish on the menu again tonite.Yipee!
Dessert comprises of mouse & mole...........that's if I catch em!
I've been a good boy so maybe I'll get to sit at top table again. Thanks for teaching me purrfect table manners Mummy. It's certainly paid off. I've got this dumb couple at my beck & call. Life can't be any better.....till I get back to you again.
They planned to put me out in the garden today but it started to rain so I was having none of it.
It's so cosy here I sleep most of the time. Getting exercise with my toys. Phyl & Arthur keep throwing things for me to play with & I keep pushing them under the sofa so they have to get up & move the furniture. I don't see why I should be the only one having exercise.
love you mummy mummy
Misha xxx

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