Friday, 21 November 2008

Off To The Capital

Hello Mummy, It's Me Misha
This weekend I'm going to London to visit LAARC (London Archaeology Archive And Research Centre) but you knew what that stood for Mummy didn't you? They house over 250.000 registered finds so there's bound to be something to interest me. Laaarc have appeared at Award Ceremonies, in Time Out and Time Team.
I will learn good archiving techniques & recording. Mine at present is dig em up & eat em!
I'm livin like a Lord in accomodation which I can only describe as lucullan. Beats being a water gypsy......sorry Mummy but look around your boat & it's not big enough to swing a cat around.....if you get my drift.*
*When I make it to the top I'll make sure we live in style.
Gotta go I'm busy busy, Have to make prep. for my visit to the capital.
Your lovin boy
Mish xx

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